Map of Travels as of 10/7

New map as of 10/7…works for some, not for others…not sure why.  This just shows my general path…not exact.,-97.635498&spn=3.182206,6.855469,

22 thoughts on “Map of Travels as of 10/7”

  1. I see upsidedown drops, yea, it worked, not only are you brave your a tech person too. I’m loving reading and following your travels. Connie in Louisville, KY

  2. Hey Beth!
    This is so great! I was actually in the middle of the Hudson River Valley Oct 1-5 but didn’t get as far north as you. The trees were starting to be beautiful down where we were (Rhinebeck, NY – where Chelsea’s wedding guests stayed). I have really enjoyed following your adventures – keep it up!

  3. Hey Beth, I have to confess, I have not followed your blog lately. I hope all is well and loof forward to catching up with your trip this week. Kim

  4. Hell, Beth!…If I knew you had bear repellant & a .38, I would have had you sleep with the dogs! It appears that I was in more danger than you! I have a .44 special & a 9 mm….but I left them in S.C. !! P.S. Wilmington is in N.C. NOT S.C. Enjoyed your company & have a lot of respect for people that create their own destiny. Have worked for myself about since I got out of the Army in 1969. Probably knew anyone else would have fired me!Stay well & safe. Love, Frank Cloyes

  5. Hell, Beth! If I knew you had bear spray & a .38, I would have had you sleep with the dogs! It appears that I was in more danger than you! When I told my daughter that I had invited you to spend the night, she said..what if her boy-friend was hiding outside, waiting to come in & kill you! What a world we live in! I’d rather be a little trusting, & take my chances. Life is too short to be a coward! Beth…stay well & safe. Please don’t pull the trigger without good cause! Frank Cloyes

    1. Yes. I agree. Glad I was trusting and got to meet you! Single girls just have to be safe. Hope you enjoyed seeing your daughter and they had fun at the game.

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