Day 20 – Lake Champlain Loop and the Adirondacks

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Day 20 of a Year Long Road Trip Along America’s Scenic Byways

Button Bay State Park

Picking up where I left off last night, I didn’t watch the sunset with Kord, as he was putting his kids down.  It wasn’t the best view for a sunset anyway.  We did end up sitting by the campfire until late.  He’s an ex tennis pro, who coached tennis at William and Mary.  The women’s tennis team was 8th in the country.  He has written an unpublished children’s book about Ollie the Camel and Goat the Sheep.   And at one point he was planning on running for Congress on the Republican ticket, but I didn’t get the details on that.

sunset at button bay state park

Today I finished the southwestern part of the loop around Lake Champlain.  I drove through Port Henry, Westport, and Essex, though I don’t have much to report.  I planned to stop in Essex at one of the “harbor’s charming cafes” for coffee, but I didn’t see one.  There were about 5 buildings and a ferry.  Perhaps I missed something.  As a result, I continued on to Willsboro Point.

Willsboro Point

Willsboro Point  is home to New York State’s first fish ladder that “affords migrating salmon a chance to overleap Willsboro Dam”.  I must have arrived after spawning season, as I didn’t see any fish swimming upstream.  None the less, I wanted to see a fish ladder as I had never before seen one.

fish ladder in Willsboro Point

With extra time on my hands due to my planned stops being shorter than expected, so I drove back to Lake Placid.  I spent part of the afternoon in the deli snacking on a chicken sandwich and charging my computer because I shorted out the 12 volt battery system in the back of the van. As a result, I can only charge my devices when I’m camped on electric, which is lacking at Vermont’s state parks. 

High Peaks Wilderness

After lunch Scout, Petey, and I went for a hike in the High Peaks Wilderness near Lake Placid. Judging by the cars, the 4.4 mile roundtrip Cascade Mountain Trail is very popular. Too long for my dogs, we just hiked for an hour through the waterfall beds. While the trails in the Adirondacks are active waterfalls in the spring with the snowmelt, they are dry in the summer and fall, unless of course it rains.

With all the rain over the last week, the rocks were slick and the mud was deep. Some people sunk up to their ankles in it. Along the rocky and muddy track, I met Eric and Patty who were from Saratoga. Eric has an app on his phone that provided him score updates. Since I’ve been in the dark recently without television and little internet service, Eric updated me.

The Texas Rangers are still in first place and the Cowboy’s didn’t play. Of course, he updated me on his New York teams as well. Being from Saratoga, he didn’t like the Cowboys. He confirmed Bill Parcells was beloved in New York. Unfortunately, he didn’t last long as a coach with the Cowboys. Good old Jerry Jones interfered again. I gave them three years to unravel after his departure. We’ll find out this season. I hope I’m wrong.


Well, enough talk about football. After our hike, we turned around and crossed back over Lake Champlain to Vermont via ferry.  It’s weird to see the picture of your car on the GPS in the middle of the lake!  Back in Vermont, I met up with Kord again.  He knew of a private campground on the river not far from the direction I was heading in the morning.  We enjoyed a nice dinner of chicken and mushroom ravioli!  I plan on meeting up with him tomorrow night too. ETB


Map of My Road Trip Across the USA

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