Day 41 – New Jersey’s Delaware River Loop

Delaware Water Gap – New Jersey (Day before Yesterday)

After a repeat visit to the Walmart where I spent Friday night, I headed off to High Point State Park in New Jersey.  The park is complete with lakes, trails crisscrossing through the forest, and even an obelisk that sits atop the Kittatinny Ridge.  The dogs and I took the scenic road drive up to the 1,800 foot summit.  I noticed the fall foliage has more of a brown tinge.  I’m not sure if it is because it is a week later, different soil and water, or if it is because New Jersey is farther south and slightly warmer.  Is there a dendrologist reading that can chime in?  Regardless, the colors are still pretty and remind me of some of the crayons that can be found in the 64 pack!

Scout, Petey, and I went for a 3 mile walk at the top of the summit while waving the gnats away.  Along the way, I met Ted and his 9 year old daughter, Alexandra, out taking a hike on the weekend.  I actually had cell service on the trail and, being in a new state, I needed to pick up a cache.  I thought it might be fun for Alexandra to find one, so after a short introduction to geocaching, Ted and Alexandra joined me in looking for an ammo can.  The cache, hidden between two boulders was full of goodies.  Alexandra took a magic 8 ball.  Toward the end of our walk, we found another cache from which I took a geocoin.  I will have to drop it off in Pennsylvania, my next stop.

Ted works with a sporting goods company and is the liaison between IT and sales.  Naturally, we started talking about football and baseball.  As his company is based in the Northeast, the fact the Phillies and the Yankees got knocked out of the World Series, Monday looked to be a gloomy day.  On the other hand, football was on, and I got to spend the afternoon watching it at Ted’s house! We had burgers, chips, homemade apple pie, and S’mores!  He and his daughter had even picked the apples.  I had only planned to stay a few hours and then camp at another state park, but the driveway became home to me, the mutts, and VANilla.

When we made the S’mores over the fire outside, it began to rain at the same time the sun was setting.  A rainbow formed through the pink clouds…it was so cool! ETB

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  1. Sounds lie you had a great day! So nice of Ted and Alexandra to invite you to dinner — and to “lend you” their driveway.

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