Day 50 – Maryland’s Eastern Shore Sampler Part 2

The dogs and I got a late morning start after enjoying a bagel and coffee (and dog food for them) at Kari’s efficiency.  Given I’ve been to Washington D.C. a couple of times, I didn’t feel the need to go see the monuments again, though they are spectacular.  I snapped a picture on my way out of town.  I decided to go back to Maryland to finish up the drive from yesterday which I cut short in order to get to D.C. at a reasonable hour.

We first stopped in Cambridge and took a walk around the harbor on the Choptank River.  I didn’t even think to take a picture as the setting was more like a grassy park, and I was preoccupied with getting a decent stroll in with the dogs since today and tomorrow weren’t that accessible to hikes.  After our walk, we visited Old Trinity Episcopal Church.

The church, constructed of brick in the late 1600s is believed to be the oldest chapel in continuous use in the nation.  The church sits on 89 acres next to the Church River by which some parishioners travel to attend Sunday service.  Aside the church is a cemetery with headstones marking the graves of soldiers who fought in the Revolution, the War of 1812, and the Civil War.  I believe the surrounding fence was once home to a cache as well, but it appears from a few logs that the cache has been lost or removed.

A few miles from the church, Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge serves as a safe haven for migrating geese.  No dogs were allowed out of the car here, so we took the 5 mile scenic drive through the marsh lands and along the shore to see geese galore.

The starting point of our drive tomorrow was in Williamsburg, some three hours away, so I made the decision to drive today as there were several places on the

Beginning of sunset before I got on bridge

agenda tomorrow.  I believe the highlight of the day may have been the drive to Williamsburg.  I took the Chesapeake Bridge-Tunnel from Virginia’s Eastern Shore to Virginia’s mainland near Norfolk.  It was truly magnificent.  I’m certain anyone that commutes and has to pay the $12.50 toll daily may not be quite as mesmerized, but I haven’t seen anything like it.

I talked with my friend Lisa for 20 to 30 minutes, my whole way across the Chesapeake Bay, except while I passed through the THREE tunnels where I lost reception and while I stopped at a check point due to my propane tank on board.  The combination bridge/tunnel was around 20 miles in length, and I drove the whole thing while the sun was setting – it was a spectacular view!  I wonder how the engineers decided the crossing should be broken into bridges and tunnels and when each type of structure should be employed – Don, my missile building friend, do you know?  Anyway, I highly recommend a sunset drive over this engineering marvel. ETB


4 thoughts on “Day 50 – Maryland’s Eastern Shore Sampler Part 2”

  1. Spectacular sunset photo! I’m sure it was a breathtaking sight in person.

    I drove across the bridge and through the tunnels years ago — well, actually, I was a passenger. It’s pretty amazing! Any idea how long it took to build it? Or how old it is? I hope the $12.50 toll goes toward maintenance! 🙂

  2. Glad the weather has cooperated for you lately. I look forwrad to reading about your adventures in Williamsburg. I spent a wondeful Thanksgiving there with family one year and hope to go back some day with Joseph and Bobby. You picked the right time of year to be there! Enjoy!

    1. I bet Thanksgiving there was nice…VERY colonial…I went for our 6th grade trip for history class over Christmas break one year. It’s nice to come back and see it as an adult.

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