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Day 61 – West Virginia’s Midland Trail Part 2

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Day 61 of a Year Long Road Trip Along America’s Scenic Byways

I ended up at Red Lobster last night with a pound of snow crab legs…my favorite.  I’m not much on chain restaurants, but I tell you, I’ve eaten at more chain and fast food places in the last 60 days than I have in the last several years!  Red Lobster always reminds me of childhood days.  My mom and Bart once came up with a plan for the children to try different restaurants on Monday night when my brothers Bart and Ed visited. 

Each Monday, one of us got to pick a restaurant.  Celebration and Chiquita’s were favorites until my brother Bart picked Red Lobster.  I think Ed and I picked Red Lobster the next two weeks and after a month of eating at the Red Lobster, the restaurant plan went by the wayside!

Charleston, West Virginia

Before leaving Charleston, West Virginia’s largest city, I walked around the Capitol which sits across the river from the University of Charleston.  After a short walk around the Capitol, I visited Daniel Boone Park on the shore of the Kanawha River. A quick search rewarded me with my first geocache of the day.

Kanawha Falls

The dogs and I left Charleston backtracking on the Midland Trail, which was once a bison path and later an Indian trail, to Kanawha Falls.  The falls, which is a virtual cache, flows 15 feet over sandstone ledges.  Though short, it is very wide and rather powerful.

Hawks Nest State Park

From the falls, we drove southeast along the Midland Trail to Hawks Nest State Park which straddles the road.  We enjoyed a marvelous overlook of the river complete with two bridges and an approaching train.  After admiring the valley below, we walked across the highway to complete a loop trail and find another cache.

We had a long way to get to Waynesboro, so we spent the next few hours driving to arrive at Walmart around 3 pm.  I thought we would take a walk around a city park, blog, and maybe even catch a movie, but after spending over an hour troubleshooting technical problems on my phone with Applecare, I just ended up driving 77 miles to Richmond to get a replacement. 

Generally, I’m not that addicted to a phone, but if I didn’t find a replacement today, it would have been about ten days before I would get another chance.  The Apple Store was PACKED!  Of course the associate at the store could not reproduce any of the problems, but due to the notes from technical support, they honored the replacement that was promised and quite frankly I paid for it anyway through insurance. ETB

Map of My Road Trip Across the USA

For a summary about my road trip across the USA, click HERE. For the interactive map, see the below link.

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10 thoughts on “Day 61 – West Virginia’s Midland Trail Part 2

  1. um huh… good food always does the soul good.

    love the rock lobster tails and the great beer bread rolls.

    and I’d like to know which Apple Store across the US is not generally packed!
    I love my iPhone!!!

  2. I am on the verge of getting an iPhone here in Mexico. I just hope they can change the Spanish to English and then will need someone to help me download apps from my computer.
    And, oh do I long for a Red Lobster here in Mx or even a Whataburger.
    I’ve been hearing on CNN about all the bad weather in the States. Lots of snow. Hope you are avoiding those states.

  3. love that pict. of the bridge over the river ! Must’ve been so gorgeous to see, and it looks like you still had some good foliage to see, as well.
    Hope Scout is doing better today.

  4. beautiful pic from the overlook of the bridge. As I told you before we live in Louisville KY, my brother-in-law & sister-in-law live NC, so this spring we (I DID MOST THE DRIVING) went to visit (rained the whole way, horrible trip & my husband who works nights slept thru a lot of it). The only thing I remember about WV is their roads are horrible they all need to be paved & so windy & hilly & just didn’t like driving on them at all. Hope your having a better time of it than I did.

    1. I can imagine in the rain that would have been difficult…WV was actually nicer than I expected…all you here on the news about it is a problem with a coal mine.

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