Day 79 – Riding in Wellington, Florida

Today I spent the day with Page in Wellington.  We ran a few errands and then stopped by the barn just a few miles away to ride horses.  The six stall barn is situated between four turnouts, an outdoor arena, and a house where Page’s daughter and trainer live.  The horses stood in the crossties tacked up and ready to go.  I rode Bug, her grey hunter, and she rode Splash, her paint cross hunter.  Val joined us as well, and she rode one of Page’s jumpers.  Splash was acting colicky, so we shortened the trail ride, returned to the barn, and awaited the vet.  Luckily, it wasn’t anything too severe, and his belly ache was under control within the hour.  After a delicious lunch, we took Winnie and Sam, Page’s two corgies, for a ride on the golf cart through the horseshow grounds.  We watched a few rounds of the jumper, speed class before visiting Page’s friend Joan, running a few more errands, visiting  and ending the night at Val’s for a speghetti dinner with homemade red sauce.  I’m loving these home cooked meals!  No worries…Scout and Petey got a handful of walks in between all of this, one of them at sunset. ETB

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