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One week ago…

I’ve been home for four weeks now.  It was time to sneak in a short road trip.  I spent the night at my dad’s farm in Mabank.  I’m not exactly sure how his place got labeled “the farm” since there are only a few cows on the property, but none the less, it is a fun place to visit.  The house sits adjacent to a 23 acre lake stocked with bass, crappie, and catfish which is also a safe landing place for a variety of ducks during hunting season.  Below the dam, the barn houses among other things two 4 wheelers that became the weekend entertainment.

Petey and I arrived at the farm at around noon on Saturday.  Shortly thereafter, my friend Don, his son Daniel, and Daniel’s friend Jimmy joined me with lunch in hand, a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken.  The Texas weather hadn’t been that great over the last few weeks, but Saturday it was nice enough to enjoy our meal outside at the picnic table.

After several attempts to start the ATV’s, we finally got them running and the boys, both 15 years old, took them for a spin through the back pasture, by the lake, and up and down the long, dirt driveway.  Of course, they weren’t even allowed to go riding until they got a lesson and a lecture from us both.  While the boys were being boys, Don and I simply relaxed and played a few thoughtless games of Yatzee.  What a nice feeling!  Since being home, I had been running around taking care of finances, attending health care needs, volunteering at the ER, and meeting up with friends and family.  In other words, I have been relatively busy taking care of mounting past issues and possible future issues for a years time in one month.  As we lazed around, the boys decided they wanted to go fishing via boat.  The old fishing boat with a battery operated outboard motor rested on the grass while the boat dock was being remodeled.

Don and I helped them connect the battery and drag it to the lake.  The boys grabbed their rods and fishing tackle and motored to the middle of the lake.  It was a little too cold and relatively windy for fishing, but 15 year olds will be 15 year olds.  They tied lures onto their lines, cast a few times, and were probably content once Don and I left them alone and returned to our Yatzee game. 

One roll after the next, Don was the lucky winner.  Every once in a while we glanced out the window to make sure the boys were alive.  Don said they were at the far end of the lake.  I just looked up and asked, are they stuck?  I had failed to mention that end of the lake was shallow and muddy.  Don walks out on the porch, returns and says, Daniel looks like he is pushing on something with the oar!  We let them attempt to unwedge themselves a few more times before we arriving on the scene with cameras in hand.

It turns out the wind overpowered the small motor thus the boat could not make the upwind travel back to the house and dock.  Knee deep in mud and water, the boys pushed the boat from the reeds, over the mudbank, and to the side where we began the towing process.  Out came the Gator, a vehicle like the carts used to tote injured football players off the field.  Without a tow hitch, we devised our own towing process.  Jimmy and Daniel hopped in the back of the Gator and got to hold the bowline to the boat as I slowly drove back to the house.  So much for fishing…back to the 4 Wheelers until dusk.

We enjoyed burgers, beans, and tator tots for dinner and donuts and fruit for breakfast.  Another 4 wheeler ride and some more fishing, this time from the dock, consumed the morning before making the short trip back to Dallas.  I must say, the adventures was 24 hours of giggles!

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  1. How is Petey doing without Scout? Does he seem to notice? They were together for so long I’m just wondering?

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