Super Bowl Storyboard: Pre-Game

I thought the best way to tell a story for the Super Bowl is to simply create a Storyboard.
View from our parking - 10am
Outside the security fencing
Swat with machine guns
In security line, hot air balloons ready for launch. I never saw them flying
Through security and into fan plaza around 1
Beer Guy took our picture in the fan plaza. Stadium entry was delayed an hour due to temporary seating snafu. No restrooms in fan plaza area! People were irritated.
Beer Guy
3 hours before the game...most people were outside
Jimmy, Strahan, Howie, Bradshaw, and Dieon broadcasting in fan plaza
40 minutes before kickoff...stadium filling up
TCU Band
Steelers run on to field
Packers run on to field
Glee Singer
Getting ready to botch the National Anthem
Bushes, Madden Emmit, Jason Garrett, and more in Jerry's Box
Coin toss

Keith Urban, Maroon 5, and Blue Man group also preformed concerts before the game.  To be continued with the game and half-time show…


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