Day 109 – A Day with Diane

Day 109 – A Day with Diane, Thursday, February 17, 2011

I spent a relaxing day with my Aunt Diane.  We started the morning in Sabino Canyon, a lovely place to hike.  Countless trails crisscrossed the mountains covered in cacti.  We walked up the road a few miles and then took a switchback path up the mountain to Telephone Line Trail.  The views of the cactus line (instead of the sabino canyontree line) were unique as well as gorgeous.  As we ventured back down to the road, we met a couple that planned to walk the entire Telephone Line Trail and then take the tram back to the parking lot.  Diane asked, “Do you have a ticket for the tram?”  “No”, they replied.  “Well then, the tram won’t pick you up”, Diane warned.  I imagine they were thankful to know that because despite the clouds it was relatively hot and unusually humid for the desert.  They would have been facing at least an eight mile walk.

Petey wasn’t allowed on the trails so he stayed in VANilla with the screened windows open, a fan blowing, and the shades down parked by one of the only trees.  Cool digs and dog-proofed, or so I thought.  Petey got a chewy, and my plastic airplane graveyardbins were clipped shut, reinforced with a bungy cord, and wedged under the bed.  My soft-topped cooler was zipped closed, and almost all my food was stored in the locked refrigerator.  Pesky Petey, however, decided he was not pleased with the arrangement as he isn’t fond of being left alone and went to work.  The top to my cooler has a storage area that zips closed.  This part of the cooler was partially opened.  Petey decided to chew a hole in the lower layer of the top, stick his nose into the cooler, pull out a package of tortillas and eat every last one of them.  Really?!?  I wish I had a video camera mounted in VANilla.  Petey would be the winner of America’s Funniest Home videos, and I’d be $10,000 richer.  He showed me!

After our morning hike, we stopped by Uncle Mike’s pottery showroom.  He sells a variety of pots, fountains, and figurines for indoor and outdoor gardens.  Mike imports factory direct thus he has a large selection available at affordable prices.

We passed by the airplane graveyard as we headed home for a relaxing afternoon, before going out for dinner.  I noticed Mike’s selection of DVD’s and asked how he liked Avatar, and he said he loved it.  He’s seen it five or six times!  I watched it for my first time tonight.  I was pleasantly surprised…very good! ETB


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2 thoughts on “Day 109 – A Day with Diane

  1. Petey is a WIZARD! You definitely need to keep a journal of his escapades. He is too funny.
    Diane took me to Sabino Canyon a year or so ago. It’s very pretty. I’m glad you got to go.
    Love your photo of Mike!


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