Small Texas Towns

I posted to my readers to check in periodically for a weekly post as I had planned to blog about a few day trips.  While I ventured out to a few places, I never managed to make a post as my father took a turn for

Kelly in Mud

the worse and passed away just two days after the dogs and I spent a day at the farm.  Yes, Petey had a few playmates, Thatcher and Kelly, my stepmom’s dogs.  There isn’t much history or nature to include in this post.  It is mostly for dog and horse lovers.  Basically, I walked around the lake while the dogs ran.  For the mile I covered, the dogs probably covered three.  The goal was to where them out, but I think I got worn out first.

I spent a relaxing evening lounging on the couch while finishing up Michael Crichton’s final book, Pirate Latitudes.  While extremely less scientific than his previous novels, it was still an entertaining read and is most likely a candidate for Hollywood.  He was my favorite author.  I’m so disappointed there won’t be any future novel.

VANilla, turned dog mobile, took a circuitous route home through Athens and Edom.  Edom is home to The Shed Cafe, a home style cookin’ restaurant well known for its pies.  I ordered a chocolate dream pie to go.  Before I headed out, I strolled through an antique shop with a sign “We Buy Junk and Sell Antiques” posted on the handrail.  I believe the painted, tin signpost was for sale; however, a few pieces of yard art were appropriately placed next to the notice.  I also toured the local photo gallery and tried to visit the small museum, but it was closed.

While I only added an hour to my drive, I wouldn’t have taken the slow route home had I understood that my father’s “different breathing” meant he would die in the morning, but none-the-less I was able to spend Thursday afternoon and evening with him before he peacefully left earth for heaven.  He wanted to be cremated, so we held a Memorial Service on Tuesday where two of his friends spoke.  Many fellow mourners enjoyed hearing recollections of his eight year in college…yes, eight years of under graduate work!  An athletic man, he won the Southwest Conference in pole vaulting before fiberglass poles and landing pads replaced steel poles and sand pits.  He also helped the Kappa Sigs at Texas win five straight championships in intramural football!

I spent the last week recovering from an obviously difficult and busy time.  Saturday, I took the day to visit a horse show in Tyler, Texas.  I ran into a few folks I hadn’t seen in almost twenty years.  It was fun to catch up while watching a new friend’s daughter ride her young horse in the Modified Children’s division.  I took my first crack at photographing horses jumping.  I managed to capture a handful of good, action shots, though my timing could stand to improve.

I spent most of the last two days revamping my itinerary.  I still plan on visiting all 48 contiguous states.  My travels will take me through mid-October instead of mid-September, and my route is somewhat changed since I already had some dates locked in with friends in Colorado.  I’ll attempt to add a new itinerary page, but in the meantime, I’m spending a few days in Oklahoma, driving west through Kansas, and spend most of April, including my 40th birthday in California.

Finally, thanks to all of those who have supported me and my family in recent weeks.  ETB

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5 thoughts on “Small Texas Towns

  1. I love the picture of Kelly, well all dogs really, but Kelly tromping through the mud reminds me of Jessie, my Golden Retriever who passed away almost a year ago. She loved to get dirty and go for a swim whenever she could.
    Glad you are back on the road.
    Happy travels!

  2. Oh I love The Shed. Bud and I eat there at least once a month. Our grandson lives around there. I’m also glad you are back on the road. I love to follow your travels and dream of the days I will be able to do that. 🙂

  3. The pictures of my ponies are really cute! I stumbled on your blog while looking at pictures. The picture of Kelly is really nice.

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