Days 120 and 121 – Travel Days

March 27 and March 28, 2011

I’m afraid I don’t have too many exciting events to report from the yesterday and today.  I spent most of yesterday morning in my cousin’s cabin blogging while waiting out the fog and rain.  The cabin is great.  It is basically a 20×20 room with four closets and high ceilings which make it seem very spacious.  Two of the four closets act as closets while the other two are a small bathroom and kitchenette.  The cabin has a screened in porch and an absolutely fantastic deck that sits right on the rim!

Lucky for me, the afternoon was simply beautiful, so Petey and I took a long walk in Palo Duro Canyon State Park.  The CCC trail took us from the rim down to the canyon floor to the amphitheatre, and then of course we had to return back to the top.  The hike was much less strenous than I expected and afforded lovely views of the second largest canyon in the United States (according to a geocache post I read).

After enjoying some beautiful views, I drove back into town, only 25 minutes away, to chat with my cousin and her family before they went to see a movie. Then I went back to the cabin to watch the sunset.  The sun set behind the house as opposed to behind the canyon, but the light reflected off the canyon walls creating an array of colors.

Leonardo suggested I awake early in the morning to watch the sunrise, so I did.  Unfortunately, this morning mimicked yesterday morning’s weather – foggy and rainy, so I will have to return another time, as I had hoped to do a little more exploring in the canyon before moving west.

I spent the rest of the day packing up and driving across New Mexico on I-40 and on parts of historic Route 66.  I must say there is a WHOLE lot of nothing!  I spent most the time concentrating on keeping VANilla in its current lane.  The wind was ferocious.  In fact, the highway signs that caution windy conditions include a windsock attached to them and each windsock was fully extended.

My only stop of the day was at Clines Corners, one of a handful of traveler centers with cheap tourist trinkets for sale.  I fueled up VANilla, let Petey sniff a tree, perused the aisles full of junk, grabbed a Subway sandwich, and borrowed their internet for about an hour.  That was truly my excitement for the day.

I almost pulled off to camp for $10 at a casino.  That would have been an interesting first, but it would have put me a few hours away from where I want to begin my morning, so I opted for the Wal-Mart parking lot in Gallup, New Mexico.  Wal-Mart has a whole campground here.  There must be close to twenty RV’s parked here for the night.

Tomorrow, I plan on trying out a historic bakery I spotted in town and then I head to Chinle, Arizona to begin my next scenic drive so I will have more to report Tuesday.


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