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Day 127 – Red Rock Country Part 3

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Day 127 of Year Long Road Trip Along America’s Scenic Byways

Dead Horse Ranch State Park

Today Petey and I spent the morning geocaching in Dead Horse Ranch State Park.  We found five of six caches placed around the park.  Most of them were near the lagoons which was definitely the most picturesque part of the park.  The caches ranged in size from micros to medium sized containers.  We found a film canister, a magnetic key holder, two hard, plastic latchable containers the size of a pound of sugar, and a large vitamin bottle that was well camoed.  They were hidden under rocks, in trees, and attached to benches.

The cache I liked the most, was one that contained different flies that fishermen use to catch trout.  The theme was:  Take a fly, Leave a fly.  I didn’t take anything from any of the caches as I didn’t have anything with me to leave, but I did consider picking up a travel bug and moving it to another location.  Its goal was to get to all the states.

I could have helped it out at some point, but common geocaching courtesy is to drop the travel bug off quickly.  Given I am going to be in California for the next month, and the travel bug had already been there and to most western states, I left it for someone else to carry east.  I, along with others, logged a DNF for one cache.  I hiked to the top of a hill in search of it.  At least I enjoyed a view of the entire Dead Horse Ranch State Park.


After our few miles of walking and caching, we hopped in VANilla and headed south to Carefree to stay with the Marshes for the evening.  We took the scenic drive up through Jerome and then down to Prescott.  Wow, what an adventure winding through the mountainous roads.  I’ve really enjoyed this area of Arizona and think I will have to come back sometime to tool around in these little towns.  They looked very interesting, but the afternoons here have been pretty warm lately, and I haven’t wanted to leave Petey in VANilla.

We arrived at the Marshes around 4:30, settled into our little casita and enjoyed a delicious sushi dinner.  I’m not sure what is in store for us tomorrow…probably just a relaxing day for me and Petey and an oil change for VANilla. ETB

Map of My Road Trip Across the USA

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