Day 136 – Travel Day

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Today served as a travel day, so thoughts, songs, barks, and blogs will come again tomorrow.

I basically drove across the center of California through lush green hills peppered with trees and yellow wild flowers.  It was a perfect golf course setting except too many hills.  One section of Hwy 58, I seemed to have to myself for miles.  It was very tranquil.  I probably would have appreciated the drive more, but my brakes have been a bit sqeaky, and I have been on lots of hilly, winding roads the last few days, so I was ready to get to the beach!  I still stopped to snap just two photos, though the scenery warranted more.

I just got kicked out of the Wal-Mart parking lot by the property security guard.  He told me I could camp at K-Mart just down the way.  ETB


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