Day 191 – Jemez Mountain Trail – Part 3

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Day 191 – Jemez Mountain Trail, June 6, 2011

I met up with Buck and Kelly in the late afternoon yesterday
and got to take advantage of the laundry room and an untimed shower before
going out to Terra for dinner and drinks at the bar while watching the third
game of the NBA Finals.  Our poor
Mavericks lost by two points in the final four seconds…dang it!  I’m told Terra, which serves outstanding
truffle french fries, is also supposed to provide a lovely sunset view.  The smoke from the Arizona fires, however,
masked the landscape and concealed the falling sun.  I was so content to just relax for the
evening with friends, I didn’t feel like I missed a thing.

Kelly was one of my horse trainers when I was a kid.  She was one heck of a rider and showed me the
ropes as a youngster.  We traveled all
over the place with those crazy ponies and horses.  Her husband Buck is an avid cyclist.  In fact, I


missed them by a few hours in
Durango last weekend as they left Durango shortly before I arrived, after he
competed in the Iron Horse, a cycling event that attracts riders from all over
the country.  The Bike Classic and the
third stop on the NATS National Circuit includes several events including a
road race, criterium, and time trial in which Buck competed.

The next morning, Kelly and I took a hike which followed a
creek to a picturesque waterfall.  The
trail, lined with wild rose, pansies and geraniums, criss-crossed the creek
that gurgled beneath the shade of tall pines and impressive rock outcroppings.  Petey followed along slowly as a variety of
butterflies flitted from flowers to overgrown bushes.  The cascade splashed between large boulders
into a shallow pool of ice-cold, ankle deep water.

We worked up enough of an appetite to meet Buck at Tesuque
Village Market for an enjoyable lunch on the patio before spending a quiet
afternoon at home attending mostly to computer maintenance items.  Dinner time led us to a Mexican food diner
where I ordered chicken and pork tacos topped with green chiles – at least that
is what I recalled from the menu.  After
a few bites, my lip, mouth and throat were on fire, and as I guzzled my
margarita, I commented, “I’m about to have to order some milk…these chiles are
hot!”  Kelly looks at my plate, snags one
of the peppers and before she takes a bite says, “These are jalapenos”.  About a minute later, she gulped down the
rest of her wine.  Buck comments, “Kelly
never does that”, as he takes a baby bite of the pepper.  He emptied his beer.  We ordered another round from the waiter, who
reminded me that they were Serrano peppers…HOT!
While we were enjoying the cool weather on the patio, the wind started
blowing in the smoke from Arizona.  The
sun burned fire red and the crescent moon glowed bright orange as ash floated
toward the ground.  ETB

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One thought on “Day 191 – Jemez Mountain Trail – Part 3

  1. Sounds like you really enjoyed Santa Fe and especially being with Kelly and Buck.
    They both look great! I wish I could have been there with you. I would love to see both of them again. I’m glad you had a relaxing time.

    Wow, I have never ordered green chilis and ended up with Serrano peppers! I can only imagine how hot they were!

    Miss you tons! xo’s Mom

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