Tuesday at Estabrook

My sister Christian, her husband Craig and her four kids, Connally, Clark, Caroline and Charles as well as Craig’s sister Laurie, her husband Bob, and two of their girls, Catherine and Alli joined me for a day and evening at Estabrook.

A variety of wildlife joined us as well; countless hummingbirds, three deer, a coyote, and a bear!


Beth, Bob, Clark, Alli, Catherine, Connally, Caroline, and Charles




on the way to Johnson’s Gulch







Laurie and Christian on the front porch
Petey, wiped out, liked the girls sleeping bags better than his bed
Craig and Christian
Bob and Laurie

Coyote was too elusive for me and the bear visited at 2 a.m.  By the time I realized what was going on, the bear had run to the caretakers house.





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