Day 204 – North to Jackson Hole

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Day 204 – North to Jackson Hole

This morning I reversed the drive through Logan Canyon and
weaved along the Logan River beneath limestone cliffs where I made a handful of
stops. Two stops were at campgrounds
that my Reader’s Digest book suggested to see a slab of quartz tunneled by tiny
seaworms and to see a Jardine Juniper that is believed to be over 1,500 years
old. Both campgrounds were closed. I’m presuming the river was up too high.

I was able to make an impromptu stop at Rick’s Spring, just
off the side of the highway. The spring
generally slows to a trickle in November and begins a heavier flow in April
when the snow melts. At times, during
severe cold and blizzards, the spring stops flowing.

After passing by fields of yellow wildflowers and surrounded
by snow-capped mountains, we reached Montpelier, where the Bank of Montpelier
was held up by Butch Cassidy in 1896.
Cassidy and gang escaped with $16,500 of gold, silver, and

Our next stop was Periodic Spring in Bridger-Teton National
Forest about 4 miles east of Afton. Here
we took a ¾ mile hike to a spring that gushes approximately every 18 minutes between
August and May and flows down the cliff side into Swift Creek. It is thought that a cave behind the spring
causes the water to stop and start.
During my visit, the spring looked like a raging river! It didn’t appear to stop and start.

After our hike, we continued north on Hwy 89 toward Jackson,
along the way, I spotted a bald eagle in its nest and with the help of many
others parked on the side of the road, I saw the antlers of a moose lying down
in the grass! Before meeting my friends
Carrie and Steven and their three kids for the evening, I snapped a photo of
the snow covered Tetons. After a glass
of wine on the deck, my friend Max from Dallas arrived, and we went for a
delicious dinner at Q. ETB


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  1. These pictures remind me of when i lived in Ut. Great pictures thanks for sharin, don’t see this kind of beauty in the desert.

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