Day 207 – North to Jackson (Part 4)

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Day 207 – North to Jackson, Monday, July 11, 2011

I had a very quiet day today.  I had been attempting to fight off a migraine
the last two days which wasn’t working well, so I simply slept in this morning
and Max took the day to go to Yellowstone.
She had never been there and being so close, she wanted to swing by Old
Faithful with or without me.  Given I
felt bad, had already been there, and plan on going again sometime next week,
it seemed like a perfect solution.  It
sounded like her day was more eventful than mine.  She saw bison, a black bear and a bull moose
in velvet.

By the time I got moving this afternoon, I saw a pronghorn
and a deer.  I did; however, enjoy some
wonderful views.  We passed by many
turnouts and associated views yesterday on our way to secure a campsite, so
this afternoon I drove to a handful of them as I found the wildflowers and lakes
with a back drop of snow-capped granite peaks quite breathtaking.  I stopped at Oxbow Bend Turnout, took the
drive to the top of Signal Mountain for a view of the Snake River winding
through the valley, and to Jenny Lake Turnout before returning for an evening
stroll along the Colter Bay Marina. ETB

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  1. OMG, these are by far some of your best pictures. BTW, I just went into Chris’ offices and said “Hey Beth is talking about having a friend from Dallas with her named Max” He verified that it was the same Max that I know. That’s so cool that she could join you. Have fun!

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