Day 213 – Travel Day

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An uneventful day for me…I drove from Bismarck to Fargo…watched part of the Women’s World Cup at a sports cafe on mute and decided it was more exciting to listen to the English announcers on the ESPN radio, so I spent the next several hours listening to the heartbreaking game while driving through the pouring rain to Grand Rapids, Minnesota.  I missed the call for a couple of the penalty kicks because a tornado warning interrupted the broadcast.  Unfortunately, I didn’t know what county I was in relative to the tornado, so I just kept my eyes open for a funnel cloud as I passed the overflowing lakes.  I’m told due to budget disagreements, the state parks are shut down, so the next few days may be interesting.  Not to mention the forescast calls for 90 degrees and thunderstorms.  This evening in VANilla has been nothing short of a steam room! ETB

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  1. Talk about the weather….yesterday 105 degrees and raining….whew…but we need the rain…..have a great day

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