Day 225 – Lake Michigan Tour – Part 2

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Day 225 of Year Long Road Trip Along America’s Scenic Byways

Before leaving Traverse City, we took a short driving tour around the historic district, but unfortunately missed the seven wineries this early in the morning!  I didn’t time that very well.  Too bad I didn’t arrive earlier yesterday!  That’s ok, we continued along our Lake Michigan Tour and spent a lovely morning on Old Mission Peninsula.

Old Mission Lighthouse

We poked along the 18 mile drive past harbors, countless orchards, wineries, farmland, and roadside cherry stands on the way to Old Mission Lighthouse.  The lighthouse is located at Mission Point which is just a few hundred feet south of 45th Parallel of Latitude, half way distance between the Equator and the North Pole.  The beach here was so interesting.  Beachgoers had set up cairns on the boulders that poked up in the shallow water offshore.  It was very serene looking.

Hesler Log House

Also located at the point is the historic Hesler Log House, home to a virtual cache.  It is a rare surviving house from the early settlement on the peninsula and dates back to the 1850’s.  The cabin is built of hand hewn pine and hemlock. Dovetailed joints kept the corners together without nails or

hesler log house at Mission Point on Lake Michigan

After my morning at the point, I continued exploring on the peninsula, and I found an awesome street sign. I wonder if the residents like happy hour.

happy hour lane


From the peninsula, we headed north along the shore of Lake Michigan to Charlevoix, flanked by two lake shores. The small city is tucked between Lake Michigan and Lake Charlevoix.  Here, I strolled the streets and ducked in an oyster bar. I savored a fried oysters dinner before driving to my final destination for the evening, Wilderness State Park.

Wilderness State Park

At Wilderness State Park, I snagged one of the last eight campsites.  I camped by Joe, his family, and lots of dogs.  Joe worked in the defense industry and was up from the southern part of Michigan.  He planned on retiring soon and taking some road trips as well.  They might take a tour of all the HGTV dream homes.

The campgrounds were on the lake whose beach didn’t allow dogs, thus I was very shocked to see so many. It seemed like every camper had a dog. Then I noticed a flyer posted by the bathroom…Dog Show, 2 p.m. Saturday.  I wonder if there is a category for ugly, needy mutt?  Petey could win!  ETB

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