Day 228 – Door County Byways (Part 2)

Day 228 – Door County Byways, August 1, 2011

Well, I thought I did a lot today, but I don’t have many
pictures to show for it.  We toured Green
Bay’s countryside and passed through small vacation villages like Fish
Creek.  Eventually we looped back to
Sturgeon Bay where we visited an old, Catholic Church, meandered through the
historic district, and walked along the harbor as some teenage boys jumped in
the form of a cannonball into the water.
Listening to their grunts, I asked, “Is it cold?” and they said, no, the
part that sucks is getting out.  That was
my first thought when I saw them jump in…how are they getting out of there
without ladders?  Somehow they managed to
heave themselves out!

I spent the evening with my great aunt Margie and her
daughter Margie.  This was my first time
to meet my second cousin.  Great aunt
Margie’s son has a restaurant on the water called Sunset Grill.  We went there for dinner.  The food was delicious and the company was so
fun!  ETB,


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