Day 229 – Travel Day

Day 229 – Travel Day, August 2, 2011

Today was six hours of driving along countless highways
through rain and construction and past farms, grain silos and loads of corn
fields.  The countryside was actually
quite pretty.  I reached the beginning of
my next scenic drive “Great River Road” in Cassville in the late afternoon.

Ninety-three degrees, one-hundred percent humidity, and
sporadic showers kept Petey and me from doing a whole lot once we arrived at
Wyalusing State Park, but we did take a short hike through the forest along the
bluff overlooking the Mississippi River.

The campgrounds are on the bluff as well.  My site sits beneath tall shaded trees and the
back is lined with wild brush and wild flowers that butterflies visit from time
to time.

This evening the breeze picked up which not only cooled
things down, it kept the bugs away, and I enjoyed a lovely sunset.  ETB

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