Day 237 – Travel Day

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Day 237 of Year Long Roadtrip Following Scenic Byways in the USA

Well, I intended on doing some sight seeing today before heading west to Valentine, Nebraska, but I ended up slightly challenged in Sioux City.  First, I expected a city of 80,000 to have a Firestone, and I needed an oil change in the next 500 miles to keep my warranty.  No

Firestones here, so I had to adjust my route.  I still planned on making it to Nebraska, but my final destination for the evening changed to Grand Island with a pit stop in Omaha.  Of course, this required me to travel south along the flooded Missouri River which resulted in the main Interstate (I-29) to be closed in several areas and sandbagged in others…DETOUR.  I wasn’t really aware of the devastation.  The flooding here is very bad.  While I was able to stop at one overlook in Stone State Park, the other places I tried to visit in Sioux City were under water.

So, I had perfect weather for a travel day and spent the late afternoon and evening at Firestone getting my oil changed and unexpectedly replacing two more tires…they are not wearing properly.  The A/C technician was only on the clock until five, so I had to skip a possible A/C repair.  At least it was nice weather to drive with the windows down!  I finally reached Wal-Mart around ten.  I’m glad to be out of the flood…I’m sorry for those who are still in it and lost all their belongings.  ETB

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One thought on “Day 237 – Travel Day

  1. I think there has been strange weather all over the states this year – and you certainly have experienced it! We would give our eye teeth for some of that rain. We did not break the heat record! Cooled down into the 90’s yesterday!
    It’s very sad for those that have lost so much in the floods.


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