Day 264 – North Cascades Loop (Part 3)

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Day 264 – North Cascades Loop

I missed my turn back to the campground last night and
forgot to mention the yard art I found.
This house was complete with a tiger, bald eagle, moose and a zebra just
to name a few.  There were so many, I can’t
recall them all and they were big!
Anyway, that was my evening entertainment before I turned in.

This morning I went on the greatest walk with Petey in
tow.  We followed a ridge trail through
Fort Ebey’s forested hills and looked out on the water with a mountainous
background as ships sailed by.  Along the
way to Partridge Point Beach, we stopped to explore the gun battery constructed
in 1942.  Battery 248 was one of the most
modern defenses protecting Puget Sound.
The battery was designed to coordinate its fire with other installations
between Fort Casey and Deception Pass.
It protected the entrance to Admiralty Inlet during World War II.  The guns were never fired on anything more
than targets before they were removed.

From the battery, we followed the trail which slowly descended
down to the rocky beach edged with enormous pieces of driftwood and home to
countless birds.  The sea lions and
otters I had hoped to spot weren’t out basking in the morning sun.  Perhaps it’s not the season for them in

After our two and a half mile stroll, we left the park and
headed north to Deception Pass Bridge which provides magnificent views in all
directions.  This 1,487 foot cantilever
bridge stands above the indigo waters of Puget Sound while it connects Whidbey
Island and Fidalgo Island.  Whidbey
Island is the second largest island in the 48 contiguous states.  Captain Vancouver, named the island in honor
of one of his officers on his exploration team.
The passageway between the two islands was named Deception as Vancouver felt deceived by the size of the island that he originally thought was a peninsula.

From Deception Pass, we continued toward Anacortes where we
stopped for a clam chowder lunch and considered boarding a ferry to the San
Juan Islands.  I passed on the idea, as I
didn’t want to go out there and back just for a few hours.  That might need to be a destination
trip.  Besides, fog covered most of the
islands, and I suspect they are a smaller version of the island I had just

Our drive followed Hwy 20 to the east before we took a short
jaunt to the north to visit Baker Lake which sat beneath towering glaciers.
After enjoying the view we pressed on to Rockport State Park where I had hoped
to take an afternoon hike and camp for the evening.  The campground was closed due to strong winds
blowing down the trees.  And the hiking…well I picked a trail, walked a quarter
mile and found I was going to have to cross the highway while dragging Petey
along…no good.  I decided I’d do a little grocery shopping and turned back toward Baker Lake where I had seen a
campground on Seely Lake.  It was quiet
and shaded…perfect.  ETB


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