Day 271 – Olympic Loop (Part 2)

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Day 271 – Olympic Loop

We started out the day taking a four mile dirt road up to
the Mount Walker Viewpoint.  There is
both a north and south viewpoint.  On a
clear day, the Seattle area, Mount Rainier (the highest peak in Washington), Hood
Canal with one of the longest floating bridges in the world over tidal waters,
Mount Baker, and several other peaks in the Olympic Mountains are part of the
scenic panorama.  Today, however, fog was
the only view.  Mount Walker is home to a
handful of caches, though, so we picked up a few before bouncing back down to
Highway 101.

A hop skip and a jump away from Mount Walker is the Falls
View Campground in the Olympic National Forest.
As the name implies, there is a view of a waterfall from the
campground.  We made a quick detour here
to take a look.  I started down a steep
trail and then opted to turn around because there was not a soul around, and I
didn’t want to risk falling on my stitches without being able to reach help.  It’s amazing how something so minor can induce
fear or change a thought process.  The
waterfall wasn’t that spectacular anyway so we moved on to Port Townsend and
Fort Warden State Park.

Port Townsend, located at the entrance of Puget Sound, is a
lovely coastal town.  Busy enough for
activities, yet quaint enough to be interesting.  We just stopped for lunch and visited another
state park.  I thought it was Fort Warden
State Park, but frankly, I’m not certain.
We walked down to the beach for a view of the water, a bridge in the distance,
and an industrial plant.

From Port Townsend, we turned west and followed the northern
shore of Washington to Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge.  I was hoping to spot some Dungeness crab or
at least find a place where they are on the menu – they are my favorite!  Petey and I walked along the bluff for a view
of Vancouver Island and the Strait of Juan de Fuca before Petey got relegated
to VANilla while I walked along the five and half mile Dungeness Spit.  Had I walked the entire length of beach which
was littered with enormous pieces of drift wood, I would have reached a
lighthouse, but an eleven mile walk was not in the cards for the
afternoon.  Instead, I inspected the
pebbles which had washed ashore, checked out the drift wood, and watched the
birds flit around.

For the night, I stayed in the Wal-Mart parking lot in Port
Angeles, the largest city on the Olympic Peninsula and near a main entrance to
the Olympic National Park.  I figured
this would be a good place to be in case there were any complications with my
sewed up fat!  ETB


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