Day 283 – Mount Hood – Columbia River Gorge Loop (Part 3)

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Day 283 – Mount Hood – Columbia River Gorge Loop

Yesterday’s rest day got a little interesting around
4pm.  I ran to the grocery store which
was next to the vet that Petey needed to visit for another urinary tract
infection.  As I was walking across the
parking lot with two plastic grocery bags and a pot of mums for Casey, I
witnessed two guys chasing another guy holding a canvas basket about the size
of a laundry basket in both hands as he sprinted out of the parking lot.  The chasers yelled, “Stop” and “Security”.  A burglary was unfolding in front of me.  I was somewhat helpless with my hands full
and an injured leg, but I noticed a beat up maroon car, which had briefly
squealed its wheels, pull out and drive toward the suspect.  I thought, “Oh good, the long, strawberry
blond haired, blue eyed guy was going to help catch the burglar, but he turned
out to be driving the getaway car!  All I
could do was give the two chasers his description as I heard them speaking with
the 911 operator.  The burglar had stolen
$150 worth of merchandise from a beauty supply store, including Crest Whitening
Strips!  I guess he was a shoplifter with
a getaway vehicle whose license plate wasn’t covered as was therefore turned into
the police.  Hopefully the Portland
police are better detectives than the ones in Dallas who couldn’t find the
burglars that stole my shingles despite having the license plates and VIN numbers
to the vans they used to steel things from my home construction site!

So after a nice dinner with the family and breakfast the
next day, I slowly set out toward Mount Hood.
It was a rainy Sunday, and I have become a fair weather hiker as of
late.  I know if I lived in Oregon, I
wouldn’t have that option if I ever wanted to do something outside, but I’m on
the home stretch, I think I’ve hiked for 300 days in a row.  In addition, I had a bit of a headache, so instead
of hiking, I drove through Sandy, stopped at Wildwood Recreation Area briefly,
and then found a campground in Mount Hood National Forest where I parked
VANilla and after a nap, read a book.  It’s
an old book, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.  I also couldn’t resist snapping a photo of a
fellow camper’s site.  The person put up
a hammock and tied a coconut bar and a purple lei to a post outlining the parking
space.  Until tomorrow…ETB


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  1. sounds like you might be in for some Pina Coladas with that neighbor camping next to you ! … or a hookeylawe ♫, at the very least !!! Do you have a grass skirt ?

    ; )))

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