The World’s Highest Zip-Line, Orcovis, Puerto Rico

Today was a day of zip-lining.  We hired a van to drive us over two hours from the St. Regis Bahia Beach Resort to the Toro Verde Adventure Park in Orcovis, Puerto Rico.  It was definitely a good choice to hire a driver.  I’m not sure we would have found the place on our own.

The park offered a variety of adventure packages, but we chose a package of eight zip lines and finished it off with the Beast.  The first eight zip lines were traditional.  The harness attached at our chest, we leaned back, and slid at different speeds from one tower to the next among the canopy of trees.  The distances ranged from just over 800 feet to 2,500 feet.

Once we finished the course of eight, we piled in an army style dump truck that carted us up a hill where we got geared up for the Beast.  The Beast, which is not only the world’s highest (853 ft), it is the second longest (4,745).  Riders are wrapped in harnesses made of material almost like that of X-ray aprons and are hooked up in two locations by their back so they fly on their belly like Superman.  Zip-liners put their arms by their side like a speeding bullet and rely 100% on the guys working lines to operate the brakes and land them safely on the tower.  While the flight is almost a mile long, it takes less than 45 seconds, so we took in the views quickly!

Just as we finished zip-lining, clouds rolled in and the skies unleashed.  It was perfect timing.  We spent the next two hours driving back to the resort under a deluge.  Roads as well as pathways at the resort were flooded.  The rain let up in time for dinner, so we could make it to the pool area restaurant, Seagrapes, for the evening.  We opted for a casual, outdoor dining experience for the evening.  Three of ordered the same skirt steak that Gary ordered the night before – still fantastic!  We were virtually the only ones in the restaurant, however, and the service was simply horrific.  Too bad for a 5 star resort!  And the pool restroom – disgusting!  I think too many people came in from the mainland for the staff to handle because my room didn’t even get made up that day either!  Overall, we had a nice vacation to Puerto Rico, and the drive to the zip-lining was worth it! ETB,







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