The Rockies: Winter Carnival, Snowshoeing, and Family Time in Steamboat Springs

February 9-10, 2013

I spent a snowy weekend in Steamboat Springs visiting my brother, sister-in-law, niece Mollie and nephew Sam and friends who may as well be family, Ellen and Gary. We spent the morning checking out the events at Winter Carnival, a long standing Steamboat tradition. Horse riders pull skiers, who compete for the fastest time, toss rings in buckets, and even balance on shovels down the Main Street.



After the morning events, Ellen and I went for an afternoon snowshoe. We went to Fish Creek Falls, but took the less traveled Old Uranium Mine Trail. It is about 1.5 miles to the mine, with the first part of the trail having a steep incline but then leveling off. We started our trek in a light snow that persistently fell and eventually dumped quite heavily. I’m not certain if we ever reached the mine. We reached a flat, rocky overlook that seemed like it could be the mine, but the area was snow covered and the trail continued on through the aspens. We sledges through the woods for a little bit because it was pretty, but after an hour or so, we decided it was best to call it quits and turn back.






I enjoyed a nice dinner at home with the family and watched the fireworks from the house as skiers jumped through fire hoops in the dark!


Sunday included a day of games with my niece and nephew. Mollie and I played dice games, City and Knights, and built towers, and later we all cheered for Sam and Mollie at their Futsol games…fun! Mollie had an assist and Sam punched the ball into the top left and right hands ice of the net. A fun, quick visit! ETB




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2 thoughts on “The Rockies: Winter Carnival, Snowshoeing, and Family Time in Steamboat Springs

  1. Looks like you all had lots ‘o fun in Steamboat . . . what a TREAT for you AND for Molly and Sam !!!!
    Love all of your photos…thanks for letting us all share your recent breathtaking views of ships, icebergs, penguins, etc. So fascinating.
    National Geographic material, for sure.
    I have to admit, I loved viewing and reading about all of it thru your lenses & words, from the warmth of my little house.

    WARM welcome home, Beth !

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