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A Fun Weekend of Diving and Dining in Cozumel, Mexico

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Dining in Cozumel

One would probably not expect to hear we enjoyed a good weekend of fine dining in Cozumel, but we did.  We have found a hidden gem, Sorrisi.  A part of me wants to be selfish and keep it hidden and to ourselves.  The other part of me thinks maybe I should share it with a few people because I want it to be open the next time I go, and we hardly ever share the restaurant with more than one other table when we go there.  It is some of the best Italian food around.  I’d eat there if it were in Denver or Dallas!

Francisco, the owner of the restaurant, is Italian and treats us great each time we come in. I think we went twice last year and twice this year.  He is from Italy.  He came to Cozumel to dive, fell in love with a local and never left.  His beef carpaccio is superb as is the lobster!  So much for Mexican food in Mexico.

SCUBA Diving in Cozumel

Our dives this weekend were also superb.  The lionfish population seems to have diminished…I only saw one…which is very good for the reefs.  The soft corals and sponges were magnificent.  The turtles were the biggest I’d ever seen and out in force.  We saw them on four of five dives and even on the night dive which was unusual.  The angelfish were everywhere and giant.  We saw two free swimming eels…a rare treat!  We saw some sort of fireworm for the first time and of course countless other fish, sharks, rays, and garden eels.

Octopi were everywhere on the night dive…I lost count.  I think we saw six or seven.  We saw one giant crab and octopus maneuvering around each other; that may have been the highlight. I would have stayed right there for the whole dive, but the current for a night dive was really strong! We also saw an octopus hang from a cove, and it had all eight tentacles spread out which was fun to see!  We even saw three horseshoe crabs…

My camera gave out on me the last day in Palau, so I was without an underwater device.  At first I was ok with just looking around which I hadn’t done in a while, but then the fish and the turtles hardly moved which was definitely the opposite of snorkeling in Palau.  With the spear fishing in the Palau, the fish darted into the reef as soon as I lifted my arm, so I was camera envious by the second dive!  Thankfully, Gary provided a few underwater shots for me to share…ETB



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  1. Excellent post and pictures. And people wonder why I live in Mexico!! I do wish you would have said who you were traveling with.

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