The Rockies: A Fun Time at Estabrook

It was a revolving door at Estabrook this year. I had lots of guests, both friends and family. We got to enjoy a variety of things from eating at local restaurants in town…Coney Island and Cutthroat Cafe, to visiting Apogaea (a peaceful, art festival at the top of the mountain), to taking several hikes on the property to the Bear’s Cave, Eagle Rock, and Johnson’s Gulch.

We also got to enjoy the porch without mosquitoes…a RARITY, and spotted some wildlife including deer, prairie dogs, a marmot, and some bear tracks! Of course, we can’t forget cooking on the wood burning stove, dominoes and margarita night…always fun. Estabrook…what a treasure! I’m glad so many people got to play with me this year…Marci, Mellie, Joan, Clark, nephew Clark, Charles, Caroline, Mike, Kristin, Justin, Becca, Steph, Liz, Michael, Cliff, Ron, Landon, Lyndsey, Kari, Christian, April, Madeline, and Winston…and the dogs Daisy and Petey. I got a picture of almost everyone! ETB


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