Bike Riding Through Fish Creek Provincial Park, Calgary Canada

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Calgary Parks

Fish Creek Provincial Park

This morning we took a 21 mile bike ride through Fish Creek Provincial Park, one of the largest urban parks in Canada. The day, sunny and slightly breezy, offered a lovely ride up and down small hills and through high grass prairies. 

Along the way we stopped at old ranch houses, no longer in use, as well as, Annie’s Cafe, once a foreman’s house converted to a great ice cream shop! I had a chocolate ice cream cone. Marion went for a praline swirl. We ate our ice cream while meandering through an outside art gallery which included sculptures as well as paintings enclosed in element safety glass. We also stopped at a tree garden where people planted trees in honor of a loved one…what a cool idea!

Heritage Park

After our morning bike ride, I bid farewell to Marion and Harvey and met up with Suzanne, a friend I met in Australia several years back. We just hung out at Heritage Park for a bit before I met Bev for dinner, enjoying nice Italian.

Before leaving for the airport the next day, we strolled along Crescent Drive taking in beautiful views of the City. Calgary is a great place…I’ll have to go back! ETB

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  1. Did you just do this trip?Sounds so prettyBeen thinking about you. Glad you are having a COOL time. It is starting to heat up here.I am going crappie fishing with Mellie and Gary at Lake Sam Rayburn this week-end.

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