Spruce Meadows

A Day at Spruce Meadows and Walking around Downtown Calgary

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Spruce Meadows and Downtown Calgary

Spruce Meadows may be one of the most beautiful horse show grounds I’ve ever been to, and I’ve been to a lot of them! It was another place on my bucket list, so I’ve marked off two places in two days…not bad! The show grounds are spread over 400 acres, include several lush grass show rings, schooling rings, and state of the art facilities.

Marion, Harvey, and I enjoyed watching a $33,000 jumper class that had over 50 entries including two former US Olympians, a current US Olympian, as well as two Canadian Olympians. Only 5 entries jumped clean, but it only takes two for a jump off! It was actually a perfect number, because just as the class finished a massive storm blew in. I’ve never seen weather change so rapidly, and being from Texas, I’ve seen it change pretty fast.

So I learned something new while at the horse show. I thought the color of ribbons and respective placings were universal…blue is first, red is second, yellow is third, etc. Not so! In Canada, Red is first, blue is second, white is third, yellow is fourth.


Speaking of new things, I also learned a new word…Kerfuffle…a commotion or fuss!

After enjoying the show, we drove to downtown and walked along Bow River, crossing onto a man made logging island from the late 1800’s. It was a lovely day in and around the City of Calgary! ETB

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