Revisiting Song of the Day…A Must See Music Video Parody!

So when I traveled around the USA for a year, I used to post a song of the day. I must return to that just briefly due to the Saturday Night Live Parody to “What Does the Fox Say”. It was so funny, that it is worth posting the following three links on my blog for a little humor for the day.

The first link is the you tube video to “What Does the Fox Say” which has recently gone viral. It is a song that some Norwegian guys made up for their talk show, and they intentionally made it as stupid as possible. They never expected it to get so much attention. BEFORE YOU CLICK ON THE SONG LINK, if you don’t know what the fox is in Norway, click on the 2nd link which is their interview with Ellen Degeneres. It will make this silly song funny. If you don’t have much time, just tune in for the first two minutes of both before watching the parody which is a MUST SEE! The SNL Parody is titled “What Does My Girl Say”….which says it all, and it cracks me up!

Music Video

Interview on Ellen Degeneres

SNL Parody…What Does My Girl Say,


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