A Day at Sea

We are at sea today with sails fully trimmed. This morning I finally visited the bridge. I checked out a few monitors and spoke with the second officer. She clicked on the ships on the monitor to show the details of each vessel. That was kind of neat. I could also see the path we were taking around a shallow area and learned that the Baltic Sea is relatively shallow and warm, at least for whales and large sea life. I suppose I won’t be outside looking for Orcas today. Though I’m not sure how much time I will spend outside anyway. While the sun is out, there is a cool breeze!

Perhaps I will entertain myself with the large library of movies and books. I could go to the talk on St. Petersburg, however, our cruise director is “tiresome” as one guest described him, so I’m not sure I wish to sit through the whole presentation. I guess if I get extremely bored, I could go to the 6th deck gym, learn how to fold towels into animals, try my luck at the black jack tournament, or take a tour of the galley. I think I will probably enjoy a relaxing day reading a book.

Tomorrow, we head to Tallinn, Estonia. ETB



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