SCUBA in Westpunt, Curaçao

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SCUBA Diving

Another day…another day on the boat diving! Two tanks with yet another dive master and a trainee. The trainee was one of our divemasters the first day and not from the area. She had only arrived two weeks ago. I still wouldn’t say our divemasters were good, but we had some enjoyable dives at Mushroom Forest and Lagun. The highlights were probably the eels again. We found two next to each other which is somewhat rare, plus we spotted another one free swimming.

With every anemone was a crab and/or cleaner shrimp. We found some more flamingo tongue, countless fire worms, and another fluffy nudibranch. We even spotted a tiny blenny. I really enjoy the shallow dives and the sunlight! When the water is below 80 the sun warms things up a bit, and it improves the colors. We also zigzagged across the reef too, which at first I found confusing but then I realized I could surface early if I got too cold.

Sightseeing in Curacao

This afternoon we ventured out to Playa Grandi to check out the local fisherman’s catch, buy some food at the market and possibly snorkel at the beach with turtles or jump off a cliff nearby. The parking area at this beach was jammed packed. The local music was far from peaceful and the food huts were essentially in the parking lot. We didn’t find this very appealing and returned to our car within ten minutes only to find red paint on our bumper from a poor parallel Parker. Ugh!


We carried onto the Museo Tula just on the other side of our hotel to find it closed for the weekend. For high season, things sure closed often or early. The local cemetery that we passed several days ago, did happen to be open for a change. Though I believe it was for someone who was buying a plot, so that was sad. We were able to go inside, and admire the colorful tombs. I think the effects of go..go..go wore off on us because both of us were tired so we decided to enjoy the grounds at the condo we rented. I sat under the covered gazebo and read as a nice breeze almost chilled me occasionally.

We went for an early dinner at Sol Food. Our second stop here was just as good as our first. Ruth stuck with the lionfish, and I opted for the veggie pizza sans green pepper which was amazing! We ran into our fellow dive mates from Newfoundland and encouraged them to try the fish. I suppose with the limited number of restaurants in this area, I wasn’t too surprised to see them. We watched the sunset and said our goodbyes. We planned for an adventurous day on land before returning home. ETB

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