A Day at Estabrook

The weather was just too nice not to spend a day at Estabrook. We started out driving along the Platte, or should I say Jaz got to drive for the first time along the Platte. Then Heather got to drive up to Eagle Rock. From Eagle Rock we took a hike to another overlook in Johnson’s Gulch where we ate lunch.

The logging road we followed passed through the pine forest as we mostly gained elevation. The wild flowers weren’t out and the aspens didn’t have leaves yet, so it wasn’t the prettiest hike, but the view was lovely. I think I would have rather liked hiking to the Bear’s Cave, but the bridges are still out and the creek was bit high to really want to wade through it.

We returned to the truck and David decided he wanted to drive the road we just hiked to Johnson’s Gulch so we bounced down to the valley, where Satchel took over. Satchel drove through creek and all the way behind the house. I think it was a fun outing for them!



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