Fun Times at Estabrook

We had another nice visit to Estabrook. Over the week, I’ve been able to visit our cabin near Bailey a few times while my mom and Bart were there from Texas.

We relaxed and took a drive around the property in search of wildlife. Unfortunately, it was rather hot and dry so we didn’t spot much, but the hummingbirds were in full force on the front porch. I gave Bart a handheld feeder for his birthday, and he got a hummingbird to land on it.

David and the kids joined for a day. We drove to Johnson’s Gulch and then hiked toward the house. We went the opposite way of normal to see if any of the bridges had been replaced from the floods two years ago. We weren’t in luck, but we did get to enjoy the hanging bridge.

Later in the week, my tennis partner Ann joined me. She was a trooper. We crossed Craig Creek and followed the logging road up to Eagle Rock. After enjoying the view of the valley below, we headed back down and continued our walk to the Bear’s Cave. The bridge #5 was out, but the floods trapped a giant logged that crossed from both sides of the creek so we didn’t have to wade yet. The next log, however, that was recently cut for bridge #6 was a bit narrow and somewhat high for me to want to test my balance. It was likely easy to cross for many, but not me and Ann. Ann decided to wade while I inched across the log on my butt. I wished I had pants on instead of shorts as I incurred several scratches from the bark.

We made it to the Bear’s Cave and continued on to Johnson’s Gulch. We enjoyed the luxury of crossing several bridges in a row, but came upon one other that was out, and it required wading through the ice cold water that was maybe knee deep. We used a few walking sticks to help us balance on the slick, rocky surface below.

We warmed up our feet and moved on. Upon reaching Johnson’s Gulch, I told Ann that we had a choice. We could turn around and go back the way we came in the shade by the creek, or we would need to take the logging road in the sun up to a mountain peak before heading down the hill to the cabin.

The logs and the creek crossings were enough to influence Ann, who doesn’t like the heat, to pick the sun!! Upon reaching the Apogea site, we had our lunch and then came back to the cabin. It was an adventurous, enjoyable day and fun visit to Estabrook. ETB



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