Exciting Travel Opportunities!

Since I write a travel blog, I thought I’d share an awesome opportunity I came across recently.

I just joined a travel club. I’ve never really been into clubs or interested in any business that requires a monthly fee, but my mind changed when I saw this opportunity.

This club is the largest private travel company in the world and has won several awards. Its model is similar to Costco or Sam’s. It purchases travel in bulk and passes along the savings to its members. I just saved $300 on my airfare to Jordan compared to the lowest price offered on Kayak and nearly $1,000 compared to the same itinerary on Kayak!

There are three choices of membership levels…silver, gold, and platinum. I’ve listed a bullet point description of the options below.

In summary:

The basic membership ($100 down, $25/month) includes:
1. the dreamtrips
2. booking engine for your own travel which includes Southwest Airlines
3. rate shrinker (rebooks you if their software finds a lower price at a later date and passes savings to you)
4. flight accident insurance

Gold ($200 down, $50/month) includes (most popular):
The basic membership plus:
1. Concierge that will help you with anything, not just travel. Need new tires? Call them.
2. Net rates which removes all travel agent fees
3. If net rates are not available, you get commissions back in form of points
4. Online Shopping mall where you get 3-6% back on your purchases. Christmas is coming!! Virtually every major retailer is on the site

Platinum ($300 down, $100/month) includes (I will likely upgrade to this one):
The above plus:
1. Early booking access to trips
2. Upgraded dreamtrip experiences
3. Platinum only dreamtrips
4. Teledoc: video conference with doctor if sick
5. Roadside Assistance
6. Emergency Evacuation Services
7. Id Resolution if lost or stolen (at home or abroad)
8. Apply more points to trips

Aside from the awesome benefits that the club provides, what I love about the club membership is two-fold.
1. Any money you put into the club is given back to you in the form of points which can be applied to trips, so the monthly fees become a form of a vacation savings plan as you are paying yourself.
2. If you sign up four people, your monthly fees are waived, but this isn’t required. You can simply enjoy the cost savings of the membership.

Their are even more opportunities on the business side, but I won’t get into that right now. I’ll just share a few links for anyone interested in traveling all over the world at affordable prices while staying in 4 and 5 star resorts!

This link shows dreamtrips and the booking engine for your own travel. It doesn’t provide pricing unless you are a member. If you don’t see a trip you like, wait a week…they add 50 trips every Thursday!


This short video describes the club and all the points you get to make your trips even cheaper (like shopping at the online mall and eating out at participating restaurants).


The short video is someone else on our team explaining the club.


Comment on this page or message me if you want more information. ETB


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