Roadtrip to the Rockies: Estabrook

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I enjoyed a wonderful weekend in Estabrook with some of my tennis crew.  It was our first time to spend more than a few hours on the tennis courts together and was a blast!  Ellen, Marissa and her dog Beans carpooled up on Friday after work as did Sue and Nicole.

I was up the day prior, so I had happy hour ready…Margaritas, guacamole and mexican dip from the dry cleaners!  Shortly after came ground turkey tacos and we finished off with S’mores while playing Trivial Pursuit the fast way…any question answered correctly gets a wedge!

Saturday we took a hike on our property to Johnson’s Gulch.  We followed Craig Creek along the relatively flat trail.  The path hasn’t been used much this year so it was rather overgrown with a few fallen trees in the way.  In addition, two bridges were out, so had to do a decent amount of wading!  Fortunately, the creek was rather low for June and easily traversable, but the hike was more of an adventure than a leisurely stroll.

The meadow at Johnson’s Gulch was lovely.  The cows must have been in a different area for a while now as no mean, biting flies were around which allowed us to linger for a bit.  We crossed the creek once more to follow the logging road back atop the mountain behind the house, but we found the cows with babies.  The cows, dogs, and my guests didn’t thrilled with one another, so we turned around and followed the creek back.  This gave us more time to play on the hanging bridge anyway, so it was fine by me to soak my feet a bit more.

That afternoon included cards, Settlers of Catan, reading and hammock time.  Nicole and Sue brought a lovely spread of meats and cheese for Happy Hour before Marissa whipped up a gourmet pork dish that rested on wilted kale and farro.  We rematched in Trivial Pursuit as we roasted a few more marshmallows for the rest of the evening.

Ellen provided great breakfast spread.  We dug in before taking a short hike up to Eagle Rock. We only had to climb over one tree on this hike do despite the incline up to a nice view, the hike was probably easier!  After a nice lunch (or two or three), we headed back to town.  The weekend felt too short…what fun!  ETB


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