Feature Foto Friday: Tofino on Fire

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Featured “Fotographer”: Jake with WindCoast Photography

Website: The Camera Life

Instagram:  Windcoast_photo

Background: Jake is one of my blog followers and a fellow photographer.  I noticed a cool shot on his Instagram page and asked him about it.  He has always been fascinated by night photography.  This technical type of photography often requires sitting out in the cold for hours while hoping for the perfect shot before the sun comes up. As such, he practices a night photography that helps to break up the monotony called light painting.  The photo below, taken on the beach at 3am during low tide, represents the technique.

Image Title: Tofino on Fire

Location: Tofino, British Columbia, Canada

Fun Fact(s):  Light painting requires the following supplies: a whisk, some steel wool, a string, and matches.  To create the image, stuff the steel wool into the whisk, tie a string to the whisk and then light the whisk on fire.  At first, it doesn’t look like much, but upon twirling it around as fast as possible, sparks start to fly!  The camera shutter is open for about 30 seconds and results in a spectacular, fun photo.  Go out and try it in a fire-safe place and spin it fast to keep from burning yourself.  With a bit of luck, you’ll capture a great photo like this one!

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