Road Trip to the Rockies: Chasm Falls in Rocky Mountain National Park

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Rocky Mountain National Park

Trail(s): Chasm Falls via Old Fall River Road
Location: Rocky Mountain National Park
Fees: Day Pass per Auto: $20
Distance: 5+ miles
Dogs Allowed: No

I bought a National Parks pass at the end of last year, and haven’t used it too much.  As such, without dog sitting this weekend, I wanted get a hike in at Rocky Mountain National Park as dogs aren’t allowed on the trails.

My tennis friend, Sue, joined me for a nice morning in the park.  I thought with the recent snow, we might have a slight chance for an end of season snowshoe, but I was wrong.  The dirt road was bone dry all the way to the falls.  The slight grade made for an easy hike to the tumbling falls.  So easy, in fact, we couldn’t imagine the round trip was over 5 miles.

After walking down the trail to enjoy the view at the falls, we continued up the road.  The higher we went the more snow we found.  We usually managed to walk around it in the muddy snow melt, but eventually we arrived at a snow packed road.  We turned around here, as we didn’t carry our snowshoes with us, and it was too warm to try to walk on top of snow.  Every step invited a post hole.

The hike, though nice, I think would have been prettier in the winter and an excellent place for snow shoeing.  It would also be a great place for summer training runs.

Overall, we had a nice hike and enjoyed a quick lunch in town.  ETB


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