Hikes Near Denver:  Barr Lake State Park

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Well, it’s hiking season, though a little muddy in the mountains, so I headed north from Denver to Barr Lake State Park.  An 8.8 mile flat, gravel trail circles the lake.  The south side of the lake is designated as a preserve and dogs are not allowed.

Since I was hiking with Vandal, a beautiful Australian Shepherd, we had to stick to the north side of the lake.  I reached the path, turned right, and followed the lake shore 4.4 miles to the other side.  Along the way, we stopped to see the ducks, geese, and other birds that make the park home, before we turned around to retrace our steps.

I was thankful we went for an early walk as the sun was on this clear day was rather intense and a long section of the path near the dam offered little shade.  It was a nice, long stroll.  Next time, I’ll have to go to Barr Lake State Park sans dog so I can visit the preserve.  ETB

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