Segment 25 of the Colorado Trail Closed Due to Wildfires This Summer

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Views From Segment 25 of the Colorado Trail (Summer 2017)

So I took four summers to complete the Colorado Trail which I finished a little over a year ago.  This was a very big accomplishment for me and at times I wondered why in the heck I was doing it.  Especially during the final summer when all it did was RAIN!  During these CONSTANT storms last year, we slogged through rain and sleet, took cover from lightning and even aborted one camping trip.  At the same time, we enjoyed SPECTACULAR scenery and wonderful wildflowers.  Some of my favorite segments were in the San Juan Mountain Range.  Segments 24 and 25 were awe-inspiring!

Images of the Wildfires that Closed Segment 25 of the Colorado Trail

What a difference a year makes!  This past summer, much of the area suffered from severe wildfires.  So much so that the San Juan National Forest was closed for the first time ever.  In addition, Segment 25 of the Colorado Trail was closed for part of July.  While I knew there were many wildfires near Durango, I was out of the country during much of the devastation and didn’t know that one of my favorite segments of the trail was evacuated due to the 416 and Burro fires.  I only recently read this in the Colorado Trail news letter. Sources for images: Durango Herald and Newsweek

I don’t know how close the fire got to the trail, but I find myself hoping the trees, foliage, and beautiful scenery along this segment wasn’t terribly damaged.  I also am thanking my lucky stars that I got to finish the trail last year.  In hindsight, the rain wasn’t so bad.  ETB

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