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How to Take the České dráhy Train from Prague to Krakow

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Tips for Taking the České Dráhy Train from Prague to Krakow

Being from the USA, it is not often that I have to take trains.  As such, having to navigate train stations in a foreign country, knowing which tickets to buy, and what services are included can be challenging.  This is what I found out about taking the České dráhy train from Prague to Krakow .

How to Purchase Train Ticket Online

  1. Go to GoEuro or Trainline to find schedules for all train companies.
  2. Select preferred option, though the only daily train without a connection from the main station in Prague is on České dráhy at 10:24am arriving in Krakow at 17:24pm
  3. The GoEuro site will redirect you to the České dráhy (CD) website which is the largest Czech Railway carrier
  4. Select “Buy Ticket”, then “Continue”
  5. Reserve your seat at no cost.  The train includes five second class cars and one first class car with a bistro carriage.  Two of the second-class cars are normal, two hold extra cargo such as a bike, and one caters to families with young children.
  6. Tips for choosing seat: The normal second-class car includes compartments of six seats and an aisle way which is pictured on the bottom of the train car. The two seats farthest from the aisle are closest to the electrical outlets
  7. Fill out name and credit card information and receive an emailed train ticket (or go to CD ticket counter).
  8. Go to the main Prague Train Station and find departure platform (north or south and number)

Things to Know About Second-Class Train Car and Compartment

  1. The reservation name will be listed on the outside of the compartment (seat and car # are also on the ticket)
  2. One train schedule with stops is included in the compartment
  3. The head rests move up and down for comfort
  4. The only electrical outlets are on one side of the compartment
  5. Luggage can fit on racks above seats, though with a full compartment and large bags, that is a bit sketchy if sharing with other people
  6. The volume control for the conductor announcements and temperature control are above the doorway
  7. The food for purchase cart comes by a couple of times
  8. In the wintertime, I booked the day before and had an entire compartment to myself

It is a pretty easy process to take the České dráhy train from Prague to Krakow with these helpful tips. ETB

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