North Ten Mile Creek Trail

Roadtrip to the Rockies: North Ten Mile Creek Trail

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North Ten Mile Creek Trail is located off the I-70 service road in Frisco.  As such the trail is easily accessible and no 4-wheel drive is needed.  The entire trail is a 6.5 mile out and back.  It begins at 9,164 feet and gains a little over 800 feet in elevation.

I joined a meetup group called “Baby Boomers” who scheduled a snowshoe last week.  While I’m not a Baby Boomer, the group is extremely active, offers a variety of events, and includes very welcoming members. As such, it is a fun group to join.

The Hike at North Ten Mile Creek Trail

With all the snow in Colorado this winter, I expected to need snowshoes for the North Ten Mile Creek Trail.  The trail is so popular and well used, however, all the snow was packed down and only spikes were necessary.

We set out on a cold, yet beautiful morning.  The sun shining in the blue bird skies warmed us quickly as we hiked through the snow-covered evergreen forest.  We took a leisurely pace while stopping to admire the creek that occasionally ran parallel to the trail.

We hiked into the Eagles Net Wilderness area though didn’t complete the entire trail.  We hiked about 4.5 to 5 miles in total for an excellent day of exercise on the North Ten Mile Creek Trail.  ETB

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