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A Dog’s Life in the Rockies

Do you have dogs that love snow? Dogs that live in the mountains must feel like they are in paradise as they run the trails with their skiing owners. I took care of Keely for weekend and this six month old lab mix had a blast chasing snow balls, jumping into snow banks, and simply running the snow covered roads and trails.

Great Trails for Dogs That Love Snow

There are many trails located off French Gulch Road in Breckenridge for dogs that love snow. Minnie Mine Trailhead affords limited parking and a network of trails that may be completed as loops or out-and-backs.

Farther up French Gulch Road is the parking area for Sallie Barber Mine. This trailhead is extremely popular and parking can be a challenge. Both areas are great for dogs who listen on command, as they may roam off-leash. Of course, there are many moose around, and moose hate dogs, so it is important to keep an eye out for them.

To find specific loops and trails, I usually use All Trails, though in this area, I have found the Mountain Bike Project is more comprehensive. With the mounds of snow from the last week, I was lazy, and instead of following trails, I just walked up the county road by the Sallie Barber Mine trailhead which is closed off to traffic. Many other cross-country skiers did the same. Dogs frolicked within eye sight of their owners as they got in their morning exercise.

The crazy amount of snowfall this last week made for a fun winter weekend, especially for dogs that love snow. ETB



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