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Roadtrip to the Rockies: Bruno Gulch Trail

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I just recently posted about South Park Trail and the hike I completed the following day, Bruno Gulch, intersects this trail at a location farther south.  That tidbit of information isn’t terribly important if you are only looking for a short and easy hike, but if you are looking for more distance, these two trails may be hiked together as a point-to-point.

Bruno Gulch Trail

Bruno Gulch Trail is a four mile out-and-back trail located at the end of a dirt road that runs through Bruno Gulch Campground.  The pleasant path, dotted with wildflowers, gradually ascends through the forest as it parallels a lovely creek. It passes by some beaver ponds, through some aspen groves, and ultimately ends in a meadow where it intersects with South Park Trail #600. 

Here, hikers may turn left, wade through the creek, and continue a few more miles to Forest Road 565.  Or hikers may turn right and hike an additional 3.5 miles to the Shelf Lake Trailhead at Geneva Park Campground.

Connecting to South Park Trail

My friend Liz and I turned right to make the trek a bit longer, but with storms looming and no views awaiting us, we eventually turned around.  For a long point-to-point hike, however, it is possible to carry on another 3.5 miles to Square Top Lakes and 2 more miles to the South Park Trailhead on Guanella Pass road.

liz on south park trail

Seeing as the long option I just mentioned is almost all up hill, trekkers could start at the South Park Trailhead on Guanella Pass and end at the Bruno Gulch Campground for an 11-mile day or so. 

Aside from the 2-mile section from Guanella Pass Road to Square Top Lakes which may be found on All Trails, the trails are little known and away from the crowds that venture from Denver.  For more solitude, check them out.  ETB



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