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The High Line Canal: Segments 24-27

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Another weekend, another bike ride along the High Line Canal.  In fact, it was our last ride to reach the end of the 71-mile linear park.  After riding these segments, 24-27, all we will have left is the first two miles in Waterton Canyon that we plan to walk as the canyon was closed when we tried to ride it at the beginning of our journey.

The majority of these four segments, miles 62-71, are on asphalt and concrete as much of this nine-mile section of the High Line Canal follows roads through neighborhoods. 

Segment 24

Having said that, after crossing Tower Road and Colfax Ave from Triple Creek Trailhead, where we began Segment 24, the canal path is the most unfinished of the entire linear park.

The dirt road is peppered with clumps of grass and honestly wasn’t fun to ride.  Most the time, I worried we’d run over a sticker burr patch and we’d end up with a flat.  The best part of the mile was seeing one of the old High Line Canal signs.  There are only a few remaining, and there were two in this “prairie retreat” portion of the High Line Canal Trail.

The undeveloped track travels around a mile before a necessary detour back to Tower Road is required.  Here, we followed the road north over the railroad tracks, past Dry Dock Brewing Company, and across the overpass of I-70. 

dry dock  brewing

Segment 25

Segment 25 begins at mile 63.5 near I-70 and reconnects with the canal at the retention pond off E. 32nd Parkway.  This concrete portion of the canal trail weaves along the sidewalk for a mile as it passes beneath an underpass and through a graveyard of Cottonwoods. 

WARNING:  Don’t go off the trail here with your bike to take a picture or you will end up with a flat tire from sticker burrs!!!!  Just what I was worried about in Segment 24.  Well, at least it didn’t happen until we were on our return, and the slow leak got me back to the car, all be it on a fully flat tire at the very end.

The next two miles follow the quiet, curving trail until the segment ends at Green Valley Ranch East Park.

Segment 26

Beginning at mile 66.5, the trail passes through the neighborhood of Green Valley Ranch.  The canal trail follows streets most of the time as it passes by First Creek Trail as well developer homes, many with three car garages, but with all the cars in the driveways or curbside.

While there is a way through the golf course, a “No Trespassing” sign posted kept us from following the map in my High Line Canal Conservancy Book.

The three-mile ride through the neighborhood reaches Maxwell place around mile 69.5 when it turns north to begin Segment 27.

Segment 27

The remaining 1.5 miles in Segment 27 basically follows a street north to the Gaylord Rockies Resort and Convention Center.  I would not want to have to provide my address to visitors in the new housing development in this neighborhood.

gaylord rockies resort and convention center
The Gaylord Rockies

We were constantly looking at the map and directions on this nine-mile route as we hoped to follow the canal rather than roads.  As a result, we were reading the street signs.  There is a 58th Pl, 58th Ave, and 58th Dr.  I can’t imagine always having to specify, “I live on 58th Ave, not place or drive, so skip those streets.” In addition, think of all the miss delivered mail!

Anyway, while the ride through the neighborhood was nice, I wouldn’t recommend covering these segments unless you live nearby as most of the time it would be just like riding on streets in your own community.  Despite my flat tire, I’m pleased to have completed riding the High Line Canal, and look forward to our final two mile walk through Waterton Canyon next week. To be continued…ETB

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