Beth and Nancy finished with the high line canal

The Highline Canal: Segment 1

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The High Line Canal Trail is a 71 mile linear park that travels through Denver and its suburbs.  My friend Nancy, and I have been riding a different segment every Sunday.  The very first ride we did, we could not begin at the start in Waterton Canyon as it was closed on the weekend due to COVID.

The canyon has since been open, but to be on the safe side, we made the 29 mile trek down south on a Monday to walk the first two miles of the High Line Canal that eluded us at the beginning of the summer.

Walking up Waterton Canyon (Segment 1 of the High Line Canal)

As I mentioned in a previous post, I had already walked the road as part of the Colorado Trail which I completed over four summers.  I was excited to walk a portion of it again, this time with my nice camera, as a herd a big horn sheep call the canyon home.

Unfortunately, we didn’t see them on this walk, only fresh scat.  Regardless, the canyon is a nice recreational area for those who live south.  It is popular for biking, hiking, running and even fishing.

The two mile walk up the much longer road takes visitors through the canyon along the Platte River and the old South Park and Pacific Railroad.  Walkers pass beneath pipes for the canal to a dam and picnic area.  This is where we turned around as it is where the canal starts.

It was a short, but nice walk beneath smoky skies from all the fires, though I think the drive there and back took longer!  Not only did we finish this segment of the High Line Canal, we completed all 71 miles today in both directions.  142 miles complete!  ETB

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