Aurora Sports Park

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In my quest to find unpopulated parks around Denver, I selected Aurora Sports Park.  I had been there previously to watch my niece’s and nephew’s soccer games and of course the sports fields were packed with people.  This summer, however, when we passed by it while riding the High Line Canal, it was empty.  As a result, I returned on a weekday morning in hopes to find a deserted park.

Aurora Sports Park Amenities

My wish came true.  I shared this 220-acre park with 12 baseball diamonds and 23 multi-use soccer fields with about three people.  In fact, there were more people on the trail which skirts the perimeter.  I recall counting four.

Anyway, the Aurora Sports Park is located in the City of Aurora, east of Denver.  Along with the sports fields, it features four playgrounds, seven picnic shelters, and five concession areas that are open during sports events.

aurora sports park

Playtime at Aurora Sports Park

In my previous post about Carpio Sanguinette Park, I mentioned my reason for looking for unpopulated parks is to let my dog Annie run around without bothering anyone.  Normally, I am good about not breaking the leash law, but with recent knee surgery I am only cleared to walk twenty minutes.  That doesn’t work for Annie even with friends and a dog walker helping me out.

Obviously, I didn’t want her to do her business on the fields, so we stuck to the sidewalks and worked on her commands.  Anytime she got twenty feet away, I just called “here” and she came running back.  It’s an easy way to at least double her exercise compared to me.

Annie at Aurora Sports Park

The Perimeter Trail

On the backside of the park, the perimeter trail passes by a creek and more natural setting.  We spent most of our time over here because she could go sniff in the woods, and then come back to the trail when I called.

Overall, Aurora Sports Park is an enormous space with many things to offer.  I loved that it was so open, and I could let Annie play without bothering a soul.  ETB

the perimeter trail at Aurora Sports Park

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