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Northfield Pond Park

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I often visit the Target at The Shops at Northfield.  Each time I make the U-turn off of Quebec St. and onto Yosemite St. in order to turn into the shopping center, I pass by a small open space.  In an effort to give Annie a place to run around while I’m recovering from knee surgery, I checked it out.  Not that well kept, I was surprised to find the area has a name, Northfield Pond Park.

Northfield Pond Park

Northfield Pond Park features a few dirt trails in its interior and an outer paved trail.  Since I’m not yet cleared for hiking, and I’m missing nature, I followed the three connected loops around the ponds. At least dirt trails make a short walk feel more like hiking.

northfield pond park

I can’t say the park has much to offer.  It’s tucked beneath two busy roads and next to a shopping center.  Thus, the noise takes away from any peace nature could bring.  Additionally, Northfield Pond Park is dotted with trash.

For a nice walk in the park, I wouldn’t recommend it, unless a person is waiting on a shopper!  That said, not many people visit the area, and it is a great place to let a rambunctious dog run around assuming it won’t run through the prairie dog colony.

prairie dog at northfield pond park

While Annie and I visited, we only saw one other walker in this densely populated area.  After we weaved along all the dirt trails, I hooked Annie back to the leash, and we followed the paved perimeter path beneath the busy street to another park area just south of the USPS distribution center.

This small open space just adds another ten minutes to the walk.  Again, I can’t claim it is anything excellent, but it does give dogs a place to run without bothering anyone. 

park south of the USPS distribution center

For a much more groomed area, the Prairie Basin Park is just across the road.  This park is much more inviting for anyone who wishes for a walk with their dog on leash.  Just to change things up from my neighborhood walks, I may stroll over there one day. But during my recovery from knee surgery, Northfield Pond Park is a nice small open space near Denver.  ETB

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